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Known to the locals as Druk Yul (Land of the Thunder Dragon), Bhutan is a small landlocked country nestled between two Asian giants China and India. It is a land of soaring snowcapped peaks, ancient monasteries and fortresses, alpine meadows and densely forested hills. Its isolation, spectacular mountains, varied flora and fauna, vibrant culture and mystic aura have contributed to Bhutan being regarded as the Last Paradise on earth.

Due to its isolation, the country was not known to the outside world until 1960. Even today, very few people have the opportunity to take in the unblemished cultural and natural wonders of Bhutan.

Bhutan has adopted Drukpa Kagyupa, Mahayan Buddism in its tantric form, as the official religion. There are three main ethnic groups in the country: the Ngalongs -Tibetan immigrants, Sharchops- original inhabitants who lives in the eastern part of Bhutan, and Lhotsampas- Nepali speaking communities who inhabit the southern belt. Its ancient culture and thriving religious and cultural practices make Bhutan a place that one must put on one’s itinerary.

And the best times to visit Bhutan are spring (March through May) and autumn (September through November).

Our tours and treks give you an intimate and first-hand insight into Bhutan's natural heritage, Buddhist culture and the way of life of its people. We offer the following treks in Bhutan.

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